In-Depth Review of the REC TEC Grills RT-700 Wi-Fi Wood Pellet Grill Bundle

Wood pellet grills are luxurious, functional and provide a tasty way to BBQ your meat. With so many wood pellet grills out there, however, it can be hard to identify the right model for you.

That said, leading BBQ brand, REC TEC, recently pulled out all the stops with its high-end RT-700 Wi-Fi Wood Pellet Grill. This model marks the brand’s next step up in the BBQ world, as it comes complete with some impressive modern features like built-in meat probes, a 40 lbs hopper, WIFI capabilities and more.

The question about a high-tech wood pellet grill like this one, however, remains: is it worth its price tag, and is it user-friendly with all of its bells and whistles?

Read our full product review of the REC TEC RT-700 Wi-Fi Wood Pellet Grill to learn more about the product and if it’s right for you:

product image of REC TEC Grills RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill Bundle parts

Product Specs: 

  • Price: 1,510.99
  • Weight: 200 Pounds
  • Capacity: 1,054 Square Inch Cooking Area with Second Shelf

Key Features: 

  • Wi-Fi enabled Smart Grill Technology
  • 200 lb REC TEC Ultimate Blend Pellets Included
  • 2 Built-in Meat probes
  • Stainless Steel Parts
  • 40lb Hopper
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Hot Flash Ceramic Ignition System
  • Premium Cover
image of rec tec grills rt-700 stainless steel grates

REC TEC Grills RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill Bundle Product Review:

The RT-700 is REC TEC’s most expensive model yet, but its capabilities justify its price tag. The notable brand really outdid themselves with this model that combines its signature craftsmanship and quality with some new useful features. Of the many modern features integrated into this model, the most exciting has to be its WIFI capabilities.

The high-tech system comes with a downloadable app that gives users the option to be precise with their cooking and effectively monitor their food. It even sends notifications about your cooking process!

This controller enables the user to adjust the system’s temperature in increments of 5 Degrees Fahrenheit. This offers a lot more precision than other similar models and a level of control not typically seen with wood pellet grills. 

A lot of these bells and whistles can sometimes take away from the usability of a BBQ but, fortunately, that’s not the case with the REC TEC RT-700 wood pellet grill.

image of rec tec rt 700 wood pellet grill wifi capabilities

The system’s state of the art technology is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for BBQ newbies looking to become a master of their grill. If you want to turn on this BBQ, you don’t even need to light the grill – you just press the on button. Easy as that!

The only downside to this Wi-Fi feature is that it depends on the user having an internet connection – and fairly strong internet connection at that. This makes the model not as ideal for those in remote areas, but well suited to everyone else.

The system’s two built-in meat probes add to its convenience, although these meat probes can sometimes be found to be off when reporting temperature. The app also has bugs as you don’t always get notifications about cooking times and changing temperatures if your phone is locked. This is being dealt with as the app is constantly being updated and improved for user experience.

product image of REC TEC Grills RT-700 Wi-Fi Wood Pellet Grill Bundle

This model’s features are impressive, but so is its overall construction. The RT-700 is made of stainless steel and, at 200 lbs, weighs 81 lbs more than the average wood pellet grill. Its size and stainless-steel material make it durable.

The unit also provides ample room for cooking – it can fit 6 racks of ribs and even a couple of turkeys. That said, the size and weight of this system makes it hard to lift. Fortunately, its wheels make this model fairly portable if it needs to be repositioned for whatever reason.

This model is easy to clean because it doesn’t require charcoal, and it runs on wood pellets that impart rustic flavours.

Advantages & Drawbacks (Not Deal Breakers)


  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Control through app
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Ample cooking space


  • Will not work without Wi-Fi connection
  • Slight bugs in the app that are being worked on

In Conclusion:

As with most WIFI-based products, this model has some bugs that need to be sorted out, but REC TEC is ahead of the game and continuously working on this technology. These drawbacks are far outweighed by the convenience and usability of this large and in charge barbecue that’s ideal for new grillers.

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