The Benefits of Home Food Delivery Services for Busy Parents

Parents are just getting busier as expectations, workplace demands, kids’ needs, and costs associated with parenting continue to increase.

Unfortunately, parents are often put in the situation where they are cooking and preparing meals with little time to spare on family and mental health, or spending money on takeout or at-school lunches.

This begs the question; how can you save time cooking at home without sacrificing food quality or opting for at school lunches?

With home food delivery services, parents can save time and money without sacrificing the health or eating habits of their families. The good news is that there are countless benefits of home delivery services for busy parents:

Less Time Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a time-consuming activity that typically takes up any downtime parents usually have with their family, especially when you need last-minute ingredients or don’t have a sufficient amount of ingredients for a planned meal. With home food delivery services, you get the ingredients delivered directly to you, and in the exact amounts that you need.

picture of kid holding cutlery in front of plate

Easy Lunches

Making lunches is a task most parents are well acquainted with, but this task can be challenging and time-consuming when you run out of foods or, more likely, ideas for kids’ lunches.

With a home food delivery service, you and your kids can try out fun, new, healthy recipes with little hassle. You can trial a few different meals on your kids to find the ones they like best. This way, you can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Considering that ingredients come pre-measured and require little preparation in a meal kit, a food home service makes it easy to throw an exciting and healthy lunch together for your kids.

The value of a healthy lunch should not be overseen. In fact, The Atlantic has reported on research that suggests how healthy lunches can help improve children’s academics.

Perfect Portions

Home food delivery services come pre-portioned so that you can perfectly portion out you and your childrens’ meals and get the right balance of food groups and nutrients. This will also help you to better gauge how much (or little) your kids are eating and help them also learn the value of portion control.

Of course, children have different dietary needs, and these portions can be tweaked to suit these needs, but the portions provided by meal prep boxes are a good way to indicate the appropriate portion needed for a meal.

picture of kids helping to cook

The Kids Can Help

Since home meal food delivery services come with pre-measured ingredients, you can get your kids to help to prepare the meals by organizing, pouring, and even chopping these ingredients depending on their age.

According to research done in 2014, cooking at a young age makes children happier, healthier, and less likely to consume processed foods and foods that are high in sugar.

It’s beneficial for kids to see what goes into their food so that they can be aware of portions, the impacts of different ingredients, and better understand cooking as a whole to help their independence.

Get Table Time

According to Psych Central, a study done by the Toluna Group actually revealed that 47% of parents say they share fewer meals with their families than they did growing up – this is largely because parents just seem to have more and more to do nowadays.

Parents have so much to do, in fact, that they are often doing two things at once – when the kids are eating dinner, parents are typically working on lunches or something else. With home food delivery services, however, cooking time is cut in half.

This means that parents can earn back that time and allocate it to something else. Instead of spending that extra time in the kitchen when kids are eating, parents can save that time with home food delivery services and instead spend that time at the table enjoying eating with their kids.

Plus, if the kids are helping to prep these meals from food subscription boxes, you can all enjoy the fruits of your labour by eating together.

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