What Meat Delivery Means for Your Schedule

Meat delivery companies allow you to speed up your cooking process without sacrificing taste, quality or health. Meat delivery services completely change how people view and consume food; they help you save time, money and more.

Whether you choose to subscribe to a monthly meat delivery service or opt to order meat when planning a big gathering, you’ll be astounded at what the service will do for your schedule:

Shortens Grocery Shopping Time

According to Statista, the designated grocer shopper in a household will typically go grocery shopping 1.6 times a week.

Think about how much time you spend getting to the grocery store, browsing for the right cut of meat for your recipe, and putting away the groceries. With a meat delivery service, you get to eliminate the process of shopping in-store for meat.

The reality is that when your local grocery store doesn’t have the cut of meat you want, you’ll end up driving to the other end of your city to find it. By ordering meat online, you can pick exactly what you want and make the decision in the comfort of your home.

Removes the Need to Discount Hunt

Value is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing meat. Most meat delivery services offer assortments that provide the best value for what you’re getting because, a lot of the time, you are buying in bulk.

Allows You to Plan Ahead

Let’s be honest; meat is typically the centrepiece of any dinner or lunch spread. For this reason, a lot of pressure is put on a host to purchase and prepare the perfect piece of meat, whether it be a roast or rotisserie chicken.

When you order your meat from a delivery company, you can rest easy knowing that your main dish — the piece de resistance if you will — will arrive at your doorstep, with no need for last-minute scrambling. This will give you peace of mind that your main dish is taken care of. Some delivery services even offer meat already pre-marinated!

Delivery services also make it easy to meal plan because you can plan your meal prep session based on when your meat will be delivered. The great thing is that meat keeps well and will be able to carry you through the week dependant on the volume you order.

Less Mess Means Less Cleanup

Preparing meat typically involves removing fatty pieces, taking it apart, deboning, or filleting it — which can get messy. When you order from a delivery company, you can rest easy knowing that your meat will come prepared and ready to cook — no extra action or mess required.

More Time At the Table

When it comes to cooking, so much more time is spent putting together the meal than enjoying the meal and the company. When your meat delivery service cuts down your shopping and cooking time, they are adding to your dinner table time with your family or significant other.