In-Depth Review of Omaha Steaks’ Meat Delivery Services

Omaha Steaks started as a small butcher shop in downtown Omaha but has since grown exponentially. Now branded as Omaha Steaks International, the meat delivery company brings quality meat to the doorsteps of meat enthusiasts across America.

Omaha Steaks is a unique meat delivery company in that it doesn’t just provide delivery services like online ordering and subscription boxes; it also has over 70 brick and mortar stores for those who like the option of grocery shopping in person.

Omaha Steaks provides users with the option to order custom meat combinations, subscription steak boxes, business gifts, and more.

We review the best meat delivery companies like Omaha Steaks to help individuals, couples and families alike to pick the right delivery service or subscription box to suit their unique needs. Read our full food service review of Omaha Steaks.

Omaha Steaks Meat Delivery Services Reviewed:

Omaha Steaks offers much more than just steaks, so what exactly does this meat delivery company offer?

image of omaha steak's box plans online

Price: $79.99 – $149.99/ Shipment

Omaha Steaks offers monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly box plans at the price of $79.99 – &149.99 per shipment. While the steak boxes are on the pricier side, this makes sense considering the quality cuts of steak that are included in these subscriptions.

It is worth mentioning that this meat delivery company only offers subscription plans for steak boxes. With that said, the company does boast a wide variety of items for order (i.e. seafood, chicken); they just need to be ordered separately and don’t qualify for a box plan. You can, however, create a custom box order.

image of omaha steaks private reserve online

Quality: USDA Inspected, Hand Trimmed & World-Class Grain-Fed Beef

Omaha Steaks offers high-quality meats that are USDA inspected, aged to perfection and hand-trimmed to ensure every cut is as flavourful as possible. The quality of the meat is maintained during the delivery process, as all meat is flash frozen after wrapping to preserve freshness and flavour.

This process also includes vacuum wrapping to protect flavour and prevent freezer burn. Omaha Steaks packages its meat products in a way that helps to ensure that the meat’s quality is just as good when it reaches your doorstep, as when it was first processed and cut.

Omaha Steaks also offers an exclusive collection of Private Reserved products, which are cuts of beef and veal that the company has hand-selected based on colour, quality and marbling. These cuts are aged for 28-days and professionally trimmed. They are the company’s richest and boldest, hand cut pieces of meat, making them ideal for the steak connoisseur who is looking to experience the best of the best.

image of variety of meat on omaha steaks website

Variety: Steaks, Meats, BBQ, Seafood, Meals, Starts & Slides, Desserts, Wine 

Omaha Steaks offers an impressive variety of products that include steaks, an assortment of meats, BBQ, seafood, pre-made meals and even wine to pair with your meat.

The company offers a wide selection to choose from, whether you want to buy a prepared meal, a combination of different cuts of steak, a subscription box, or business gifts. This variety ensures that here is something for everyone.

Omaha Steaks elevates its meat delivery services with its accessories, gifts and additional products that compliment meat purchases.

image of omaha steaks order tracker

Shopping: Make & Track Orders Easily

Shopping is made easy on Omaha Steaks as it makes it possible to order various types of purchases in the same place. If you want to buy a few business gifts and sign up for a box plan, you can do both at the same time by adding the items to your cart and checking out. Tracking your order is also made easy thanks to the company’s online order tracker.

picture of omaha steaks home page

In Conclusion: Omaha Steaks Meat Delivery

Omaha Steaks is designed for the meat enthusiast; it offers all the cuts of meat a meat lover would want, and complimentary products like accessories, desserts and wine. The site is incredibly convenient and offers a wide variety of products.

That said, this variety doesn’t necessarily extend to its box plans that only offer steak. This is compensated by the fact that the company still sells other types of meat, gifts and combos for delivery.

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