In-Depth Review of TruLOCAL’s Meat Delivery Services

TruLOCAL is a meat delivery company that delivers clean, locally sourced meat across Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. That said, the company’s reach continues to expand with its userbase.  

When it comes to food consumption and preparation, every individual, family and corporation has their own unique needs — and it’s up to meat delivery companies to meet these needs. TruLOCAL offers custom boxes and a wide variety of products to suit these needs, but does their delivery deliver?

We assess a meat delivery company based on its quality of products, variety, customizability, frequency, and the efficiency of its shopping process from ordering to delivery. We put TruLOCAL’s meat delivery services to this test to see how it stands up beside other meat delivery companies.

Read our full review of TruLOCAL to learn about the company’s process, service, features and more.      

TruLOCAL Meat Delivery Services Reviewed:

TruLOCAL continues to rise in popularity, but what sets the company apart from other meat delivery subscription boxes?

picture of tru local's online prices for meat delivery services

$249 Monthly Box + Customizations

TruLOCAL’s most popular monthly subscription box is priced at $249 CAD. One of the best things about the meat delivery company’s site is that it actually breaks down this cost to help you to rationalize your spend and identify how many boxes you will need.

That said, this regular subscription box is not your only option when ordering from the meat delivery company. TruLOCAL encourages users to build a custom box that suits their unique needs, so they are not spending on any more than they need or want. The cost of custom boxes is dependent on what is put in the box and the frequency of delivery. 

picture of 100% grass fed beef offered by tru-local

Quality: 100 % Grass-Fed, Locally Sourced Meat

A standout quality of this meat delivery company is that it offers locally sourced, high-quality meat. Its selection includes many different cut options, as well as produce that’s cooked in different ways (i.e. air chilled, marinated).

TruLOCAL prides itself on providing options like 100% grass-fed beef that presents a variety of health benefits. It’s this local, sustainable produce (among other factors) that sets this Canadian meat delivery company apart from others.

picture of buying marinated chicken online

Variety: Beef, Bison, Chicken, Turkey, Fish & More

TruLOCAL meets the unique needs of their users by providing customization options that allow customers to customize the contents of their subscription box.

The meat delivery company offers a wide selection of pork (ham, ribs, different types of bacon), chicken, grass-fed beef, steak, seafood and lamb. These meats are available in various marinades and cuts.

picture of tru local online describing what sets them apart

Shopping: User Friendly & Efficient

TruLOCAL provides a user-friendly shopping experience through its website that allows the user to browse its different products, easily make a custom box, and indicate the number of boxes wanted and at what frequency

A great thing about shopping with TruLOCAL is that it also comes with no commitment — you can order one box without getting tied down to a number of boxes for a series of months.  

With this meat delivery company, you can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. On that note, another notable feature of this subscription service is that all boxes come with free shipping.

picture of tru local online showing how to get started with services

TruLOCAL Meat Delivery: In Conclusion

TruLOCAL is a meat delivery company that caters to the unique needs of individuals. It is a non-committal service that is flexible, prompt, efficient, and makes obtaining clean and fresh produce easy by delivering it to your doorstep.

This is a meat delivery company that believes in easy access to responsibly sourced produce, and at a rate that suits your unique needs.

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