5 Shepherd’s Pie Recipes with a Twist

Recipes for simple, hearty classic dishes often get passed down from generation to generation – but there’s nothing wrong with putting a twist on your family recipe and making it your own.

Like mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie is one of those classic dishes that most have a family recipe for. It’s time to put your own spin on this dish that you can pass down.

Your great grandmother’s shepherd’s pie recipe is not broken, so we would never suggest that you fix it, – but it’s always fun to experiment. After all, there’s a lot that pairs well with meat, veggies and cheesy potatoes.

We sourced some unique shepherd pie recipes on the internet to bring you some fun, new ideas on ways that you can elevate the recipe you’ve used countless times. If you don’t know how to make shepherd’s pie, this list will start you off on a high note:

picture of gluten free shepherds pie recipe

Gluten-Free Shepherd’s Pie (Noshtastic)

Just because a person is gluten-free doesn’t mean that they should have to give up their favourite classic dish. Sometimes a twist on a classic dish isn’t just about switching up the flavour palette; it’s about accommodating for dietary restrictions that may have manifested over time.

We love this easy gluten-free shepherd’s pie recipe that will be a go-to for any family, couple, or individual with (or hosting someone with) a gluten allergy.

Read the full recipe on Noshtastic here.

picture of instant pot shepherd's pie recipe

Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie (This Pilgrim Life)

While this shepherd’s pie recipe doesn’t offer a twist in the form of a different flavour palette, it does put a twist on the way you cook the traditional dish. This recipe provides you with a guideline to cook shepherd’s pie in an instant pot.

The thing about instant pot recipes is that they are just so easy – you put everything in, and the pot does the majority of the work for you. This dish is ideal for the entire family not only because of how much it serves but because it can be easily whipped up during busy weeks. This hearty meal doesn’t need to be labour intensive – and this easy recipe is all the proof you need.

Read the full recipe on Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie here.

picture of healthy shepherds pie recipe

Healthy Shephard’s Pie (Panning the Globe)

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your favourite dish for a healthy diet. There are so many resources around nowadays that you can always find a healthier alternative to your favourite dish. We love this healthy take on shepherd’s pie – it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and guilt free!

Read the full recipe on Panning the Globe here.

picture of indian shepherds pie recipe

Indian Shepherd’s Pie (Feasting at Home)

Bring some heat to your shepherd’s pie with Indian-inspired flavours. This recipe for Indian shepherd’s pie is actually vegetarian (!!!!) with a black lentil base. That said, can always incorporate ground meat or lamb if you wish.

We are obsessed with the layer of curried mashed potatoes that give the classic dish an entirely new flavour palette.

Read the full recipe on Feasting at Home here

picture of health nut nutrition's best shepherd's pie recipe

The Best Shepherd’s Pie (HealthNutNutrition)

This turkey shepherd’s pie recipe is what Health Nut Nutrition, a YouTube personality and lover of all things healthy food, has deemed “the best shepherd’s pie recipe,” – and for a good reason.

We love how this recipe incorporates the elements we love about the dish with some healthier alternatives. Instead of beef or lamb, this recipe calls for protein and fibre heavy ingredients like celery root, lentils and turkey. This gives the dish a slightly different texture while still staying true to the classic recipe.

Read the full recipe on Health Nut Nutrition here.

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