Easy to Make BBQ Rub Recipes for Last-Minute Dinners

There’s a lot to love about BBQ dry rubs. They aren’t as messy as sauces, tend to be lower in calorie, and they are easy to make.

Easy to make BBQ rub recipes take little time and are incredibly versatile. They can are used for all types of meat, ranging from cuts of steak to chicken, to pork. The best part about rubs, however, is that they often require few ingredients and are easy to accommodate for different tastes.

The reality is that everyone prefers a different flavour palette for their meat. We sourced some of the best rub recipes that feature a wide variety of flavours to suit whatever your palette may be craving, whether that’s spicy, smokey or sweet.

Try any of these easy to make BBQ recipes for a last minute dinner or impromptu cookout – none of them take longer than 5 minutes to make! You can also make a mass amount of your go-to rub and store it to use at a later time.

image of rachel coks easy homemade bbq rub recipe with different ingredients

Easy Homemade BBQ Rub (Rachel Cooks)

Prep time: 5 minutes

This BBQ rub is a sweet and savoury option for flavouring your pork, chicken, ribs, and even your veggies. The best part? You probably already have all of the ingredients needed.

The recipe calls for a handful of different spices, but the standout flavours are the sweetness of the brown sugar, spiciness of chilli powder, and the smokiness of the paprika. These flavours all work together in harmony, providing a great balance of flavours.

Read the full recipe on Rachel Cooks here.

image of easy bbq dry rub by simply whisked in mason jar with spoon

Easy BBQ Dry Rub (Simple Whisked)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Sometimes you just need a recipe that is easy and classic like this easy BBQ dry rub recipe. This recipe is 0 calorie, 0 sugar and 0 fat – but 100% flavour.

The mix of classic ingredients (brown sugar, paprika, cumin, mustard powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and coarse salt) makes the perfect basis for an excellent dry rub – and you can always adjust it based on your taste.

That said, the recipe is a flavourful and healthy option to keep around for any of your BBQ needs.

Read the full recipe on Simple Whisked here.

image of sweet bbq rub recipe frmo kiotchend reaming in mason jar with ingredients in bowls

Sweet BBQ Rub Recipe (Kitchen Dreaming)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Not all BBQ dry rubs need to be predominantly spicy or smokey. In fact, there’s a lot to love about a sweet BBQ rub recipe like this one.

This recipe is the perfect addition to anyone’s BBQ rub repertoire as it provides a little something different to any meat dish – sweetness.

What we love about this recipe is how it provides suggestions for what you can sub in if you lack a needed ingredient. For example, you can use hot or sweet paprika in replacement of the smoked paprika. The taste may differ slightly, but these suggestions make it easier to make do with what you have and still get great results. 

Read the full recipe on Kitchen Dreaming here.

image of texas style dry rub recipe in jaw with piles of spices

Texas Style BBQ Dry Rub (Dad with a Pan)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Texas is well known for its authentic and old-school take on barbecue, which is why everyone needs an easy Texas-style BBQ dry rub recipe in their repertoire. This recipe is sweet with just a little bit of heat to provide that tang associated with Texas BBQ dry rub.

That said, the smokiness of this recipe lends something unique to a meal and is perfect for smoked pulled chicken and other smoked meats.

Read the full recipe on Dad with a Pan here.

image of tasting table 3-ingredient dry rub recipe used on steak

3-Ingredient Dry Rub (Tasting Table)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Let’s be honest; time is of the essence when cooking. It’s easiest to deal with recipes that call for ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Fortunately, you only need 3 key ingredients to pull off this easy and delicious BBQ dry rub.

This rub made of garlic salt, brown sugar and hot smoked paprika provides the perfect balance of salty, sweet and spicy.

Read the full recipe on Tasting Table here.

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