5 Smokin’ Louisiana Cajun Style BBQ Rib Recipes

Louisiana style ribs are a BBQ staple that never disappoints at a cookout. That said, the best way to elevate this classic BBQ dish is to give it a kick with some Cajun flavours.

Louisiana Cajun style BBQ baby back ribs make for a smokin’ hot meal – they are smokey, with a kick of heat. Louisiana BBQ ribs typically get their unique balance of flavours from an assortment of these sweet, savoury and spicy ingredients:

  • Baby back pork ribs
  • Brown sugar
  • Cajun seasoning
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Onion Powder
  • Pepper Flakes
  • Paprika

At Meat Delivery, we are committed to bringing you unique recipes. We sourced some of the best Louisiana BBQ rib recipes on the internet so that you can find the right recipe to suit the unique needs of you and your kitchen.  

These Louisiana Cajun style BBQ rib recipes are ideal for family dinners and gatherings and provide options for different ways to cook these ribs whether you prefer to grill, bake, or use a slow cooker.

image of WildFloursKitchen's Louisiana Cajun-Style Barbecued Baby Back Ribs with Dry Rub & Easy Mop Sauce recipe

BAKED: Louisiana Cajun-Style Barbecued Baby Back Ribs with Dry Rub & Easy Mop Sauce (WildFloursKitchen)

The debate between saucy ribs and dry rub ribs is never-ending. We love that this recipe caters to both sides by providing an option for both a sauce and a dry rub.

This recipe for Louisiana Cajun-style barbecue baby back ribs accommodates different preferences and incorporates a great variety of ingredients to get that balance of sweet, spicy and smokey flavours.

Read the full recipe on WildFloursKitchen here.

Image of the magical slow cooker's Slow Cooker Louisiana Ribs Cajun-Style recipe

SLOW COOKED: Slow Cooker Louisiana Ribs Cajun-Style (The Magical Slow Cooker)

This recipe from The Magical Slow Cooker is actually a spin on Wild Flours Kitchen’s recipe that shows how you can use a slow cooker for the ribs as an alternative to baking or grilling.

The slow cooker is a great alternative option for cooking these ribs as it takes less time and involves less mess. That said, the recipe from Wild Flours Kitchen may be better suited for a cookout, when you are more likely to want the experience of barbequing the ribs on a grill.

Read the full recipe on The Magical Slow Cooker here.

Image of 3-ingredient cajun bbq rib recipe from tasty

CONDENSED: 3-ingredient Cajun BBQ Ribs (Tasty)

If you are someone who is typically press for time during the week or often find yourself needing to throw together a last-minute dinner, this recipe is one for you. This recipe only calls for three ingredients, making it easy, straight forward and quick. A lot less time, for an equal amount of flavour – where can you go wrong?

Read the full recipe on Tasty here.

image of cajun asian beer braised baby back ribs from Louisiana cookin

NEW FLAVOURS: Cajun Asian Beer Braised Baby Back Ribs (Louisiana Cookin)

This rib recipe maintains the authentic smokey and spicy flavouring of Cajun Louisiana ribs but elevates the dish by incorporating different elements like Asian-inspired flavours and beer. These flavours make a pairing you didn’t even know you needed.

Read the full recipe on Louisiana Cookin here.

image of cajun-spiced barbecue ribs recipe from serious eats

GRILLED: Cajun-Spiced Barbecue Ribs Recipe (Serious Eats)

We can’t wrap up this list of Louisiana Cajun style BBQ ribs without a classic recipe. This is a classic recipe for those who would rather spark up the barbecue for an authentic rib-grilling experience.

Read the full recipe on Serious Eats here.

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