The Best Ways to Make Use of Meat Delivery Services

Not everyone needs a selection of meat delivered to their home every week or even every month. Still, there are many common situations in which a person can reap the benefits of home meat delivery.

While some may benefit from using a meat delivery subscription box to streamline lunch preparation, others may find meat delivery companies to be the solution to hosting stress.

Consider the occasions or situations in which meat delivery can be beneficial to your schedule and lifestyle:

The Best Ways to Make Use of Meat Delivery Services


Whether you regularly prepare lunches for yourself, your loved ones, or your kids, meat delivery is ideal for streamlining the lunch-making process. After all, making lunches can get expensive and time-consuming when everyone in your home has different meat preferences.

Meat delivery companies allow you to customize your box so that you can accommodate for the varying needs of everyone in your home. This way, the food comes to you directly, and you can sign up for regular delivery so that you never have to send your kid to school with money to (*gasp*) buy lunch.

Meal Prep

Meal prep is an increasingly popular trend and for a good reason. The reality is that, without it, you’ll spend a lot of time you don’t have to spare in the kitchen. In fact, a PRNewswire press release revealed that in 2015 alone, the average Canadian spent over 6 hours in the kitchen a week.

Allocating one day to do all your cooking (or at least most of it) for the week is a productive use of time and will help you to maintain healthy eating habits when you are busy during the week. 

If you are someone who already diligently meal preps on a weekly basis, you can streamline your process even more by enlisting the help of a meat delivery service. You can either do one bulk order every month and freeze your meats or subscribe to a weekly meat delivery service that can be customized to arrive when you get your meal prep party started.

Take Out Night

According to Statistics Canada, 54 per cent of Canadians eat outside their home at least once a week. Forty percent of these Canadians chalk this habit up to not having time to cook.

Take out nights are often a way to give yourself a break and indulge a little bit. That said, take out can be pretty expensive and unhealthy.

Instead of doing takeout, you can schedule your meat delivery subscription box to arrive once a week when you’d typically order in takeout. This way, you get the convenience of the food coming right to your doorstep, and the peace of mind that you are eating fresh food that is oftentimes locally sourced.

meat delivery subscription box


According to The Telegraph, researchers have found that 57 percent of people find hosting to be more stressful than commuting to work.

As much as it’s rewarding and fulfilling to host a holiday dinner or friends’ night, hosting is time-consuming and can put a lot of pressure on an individual.  

By ordering your meat entrée through a meat delivery service, you eliminate the need to spend time at a grocery store or local butcher shop. When you get a quality piece or selection of meat brought to your doorstep before hosting, you eliminate the time and effort needed to source a butcher. This way, you can instead focus your time on preparing and setting up for your guests.